The Treasures of Wolfgang's VaultWolfgang's Vault, the showroom, storehouse, and archive of Fillmore concert promoter Bill Graham (born Wolfgang Grajonica) has just released a sampling of their incredible archive of filmed performances with terrific unseen concerts by Muddy Waters, Van Morrison, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Bruce Springsteen, the Sex Pistols, R.E.M, Bob Marley and the Wailers, and Ray Charles with more on the way. 

Bill also has all the early Newport Jazz performances so keep an eye out for future films of Miles Davis and many more.  He's already posted Louis Armstrong's final performances in 1970.  There are numerous playlists including Face Melting Guitar Solos, Legends of the Fiillmore East, and Best of the Vault. Here's the original Lynyrd Skynyrd live and in incredible form at the Oakland Coliseum in July of 1977.