It's tax season, typically not a time of year when one feels like buying up rare guitars.  But in case you do, there are several vintage and very beautiful Epiphone archtops going on the auction block through Invaluable. The two-day auction, The Artistry of the Guitar, takes place April 2-3. Go here to view the full collection.

And yes, though there are a few choice models from the other guys, one of the reasons that this auction is so special is that it's quite rare to see so many Epiphone's from the House of Stathopoulo's golden age in one place.  There is a far out 1949 Coronet, a 1940 Emperor, a 1953 Triumph Regent, and transitional pieces like the 1956 Deluxe acoustic with a cool cutaway. 

One of the great finds is a 1936 Emperor, probably one of the first to feature the Frequensator tailpiece.  Good luck! And don't forget to visit our vintage collection here.