Vintage Guitar Reviews The Epiphone 50th Anniversary 1961 Casino

Vintage Guitar Magazine has posted a great review of the Epiphone Limited Edition 50th Anniversary "1961" Casino. Pete Prown contributed the piece and had this to say:

"...this Casino evokes a stately baroque-pop vibe, notably since it was Lennon and Harrison's go-to axe, while other noted Casino-ists included Carl Wilson, Paul Weller, Gary Clark, Jr., and Noel Gallagher. However, the versatile guitar has also served many blues, jazz, and country players and ably so."

"For visual appeal, the Casino has a nice antique-sunburst, body and neck binding, and an old-school Epiphone logo on the headstock. Yep, this guitar is a looker."

"We ran the guitar through a nice tube 2x12 rig and a 1x10 modeling combo and, not surprisingly, found a broad range of good sounds to play with."

"And while the Casino has that Fab Four connection, it's a killer blues guitar, with a more authentic sound than many of the humbucker-fitted guitars used in that genre. Better still, the Gibson P-90s used here are exceptionally quiet -- crank the volume up and you'll be surprised how little hum there is."

"We also dialed in a fat-and-jazz clean tone for that postwar/pre-PAF archtop sound. With the neck pickup on and the tone knob dialed back, this setting provided lots of rich goodness, though a set of flatwound strings would help even more. Add in a little dirt and you will find some rude tones for blues, New Orleans gumbo, '60s pop, and even some country pickin'. Pump up the gain more and there are a bevy of aggressive AC/DC-type sounds here."

Read the entire Vintage Guitar review here.

Vintage Guitar Reviews The Epiphone 50th Anniversary 1961 Casino

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