The Experience Hendrix Tour is coming back this fall featuring Zakk Wylde, Buddy Guy, Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes, Eric Johnson, Doyle Bramhall II, and many more. Longtime Hendrix pal and Band of Gypsy’s bassist Billy Cox is leading the tour, which will kick off September 19 in Florida. "Obviously, I'm a fan of everybody that's on (the Tour] because they can all throw down like it's nobody's business,” said Wylde. That’s an understatement (Wylde style). The troop will go through Nashville, Hendrix's old stomping grounds, and we’ll be there. Stay tuned.

Zakk Wylde on Experience Hendrix Tour

“I look at my relationship with Jimi Hendrix as destiny,” Billy Cox told “It was meant to be, and to a greater or lesser extent I had no control over it. Sometimes me, Jimi and Mitch would be so far out there playing I’d think, “Uh, uh. This is gonna collapse.” Then all of a sudden “Wham! we’d be locked up again like magic. Often I’d be the guy just trying to hold down that bottom. And Jimi, whew, he could go anywhere.”

Here's priceless footage of Jimi on the Dick Cavett Show in 1969 with Mitch Mitchell, Billy, and a blazing SG Custom.