Annihilator Coming To Wacken Open AirAnnihilator mastermind Jeff Waters and new bandmember Aaron Homma take a moment to pose mischievously for the camera while shooting videos for the new Annihilator album, Suicide Society, out September 18. Catch their fiery performance at the Wacken Open Air Festival on July 31 in Wacken Germany and look for more good news from Mr. Waters soon.  In the meantime, check out our classic interview with Jeff. 

"When I was a teenager, all my friends in Ottawa, Canada were into Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Van Halen. I took the opposite view of that stuff and sat down and noticed that AC/DC and Van Halen wrote songs first--the rhythm guitar playing and the songs were more amazing to me. The lead guitar--the shredding--I was never listening to the solos. I was listening to the rhythm--which I still can't do. And lead guitar was a bonus. So at my clinics, I try to show that the leads are the icing on the cake. As Marty Friedman says: screw the solos--go join a band write some good songs. When I do clinics, our popularity is mostly in Europe, South America, and Japan. Fans know that I'm not the guy to do the covers and the 20 minutes solos."