Guns N' Roses Reunion RumorsWe've been hearing the rumors for months about a reunion of the original line-up of Guns N' Roses. But even our well-placed Epiphone informants are still keeping details under wraps.  But is there something going on?  Yes.  But what exactly we can't say yet.  Though numerous mags are confirming a 2017 reunion tour (or at least a massive anniversary show), no one from the original line-up is going all-out on record. But you can bet if the web is a-buzz already at the rumor of "massive" stadium shows, something good is in the works and that much we can tell you.  Meanwhile, Slash and his Conspirators will be ringing in the New Year in Las Vegas at the House of Blues.  Read our interview with Slash and check out his now classic Slash Performance Packs.