Bring Me the Horizon, featuring Epiphone Signature Artist Lee Malia, have announced an upcoming fall tour of the UK and Europe. The band kicks things off on Halloween night at the O2 Arena followed by dates in Bournemouth, Nottingham, Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester, and Glasgow followed by visits to Brussels, Amsterdam, a tour of Germany, and Australia in early 2017. All the dates are expected to be sell outs. Don't miss it.

The band's latest album, That's the Spirit, is a must-have and the new collection, Live at Royal Albert Hall, is now available on DVD, vinyl, digital, and a special limited edition photobook.  Visit the band's website for more info and check out the live version of "Doomed" featuring both Mr. Malia and touring guitarist John Jones performing on Ltd. Ed. Lee Malia Signature Les Pauls.  Malia spoke to about the band's unusual step of producing That's the Spirit on their own.

"To be honest, it was way easer and way more chilled back then using a producer," Malia told, "because I think we all have such strong opinions on stuff so when you put in a producer into all that, it gets a bit weird. With the guitars, I'm really picky with my sound and everything like that, so I got left to do the guitar sound with the engineer. We just sat for a day basically and tried loads of amps and ended up with the exact same rig that I use live in the studio--we just ended up using that. It was really simple by the end. For the guitar tones and stuff, I did them and meanwhile Jordan or Oliver would spend a lot of time on the vocals." BMTH's hard work has more than paid off. Read more of Malia's interview and look for additional tour dates soon.