Congrats to Epiphone fan and Signature Artist Dwight Yoakam whose new bluegrass album Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars is out now digitally and on blue vinyl.  The album features Yoakam classics like "Guitars, Cadillacs," "Please, Please Baby" and "Gone" with bluegrass arrangements along with an incredible cover of Prince's “Purple Rain.”
"I dismissed it as an emotional release... I was not planning on doing anything with the song," Yoakam told NPR. "In the midst of the other tracks, this (Prince's death) happened. And it stopped us. And I'll tell you what, when I listened back that night in the studio with my band, I realized how much of their hearts those players had given to that moment. They put it on and they looked at me and said, 'This is on the record, right?' and I said,  'I think maybe, yeah, it should be.'"

With accompaniment from legends Bryan Sutton, Stuart Duncan, and Scott Vestal, Yoakam couldn't ask for more savvy or sympathetic accompaniment.  And though Yoakam's Ltd. Ed. Dwight Trash Casino has been sold out for ages and his stand-by Casino is resting up for the next loud honk tonk record, you can rest assured that all of us at Epiphone are big fans. Check it out, you hear?