Congrats to William from North Dakota who took home a Masterbilt AJ-45ME in our May giveaway. Every month, Epiphone offers fans in the U.S., Canada, and the UK/EU a chance to win an Epiphone instrument. Listed below are Epiphone’s lucky winners from December 2014 through the present. Visit for our current giveaway and enter to win! Rules and regulations are available on each month's contest page. Good luck and thanks for being a fan of Epiphone. Happy picking, William!

September 2016
PRO-1 Les Paul Jr. Performance Pack
United States: Emily P.
Canada: Greg G.
EU/UK: Philip M.

August 2016
Epiphone PRO-1 Ultra Acoustic/Electric guitar
United States: Richard D.
Canada: Alex M.
EU/UK: Mike D.

July 2016
Ltd. .Ed. Inspired by 1955 Les Paul Custom Outfit
United States: Richard C.
Canada: Stephen W.
EU/UK: Jimmie M.

June 2016
Ltd. Ed. Brent Hinds Flying V Custom
United States: Hal D.
Canada: Peter O.
EU/UK: Kim W.

May 2016 
Masterbilt AJ-45ME
United States: William M.
Canada: Robert I.
EU/UK: Craig F.
April 2016
Ltd. Ed. Tony Iommi SG Custom
United States: Rick M.
Canada: Eric Y.
EU/UK: Roland C.

March 2016
Ltd. Ed. EJ-160E
United States: Kaleb H.
Canada: John M.
EU/UK: Thomas R.

February 2016
Joe Pass Emperor II PRO
United States: Brad M.
Canada: Dennis F.
EU/UK: Jonrond V.

January 2016
Jeff Waters Annihilation II Flying V Outfit
United States: John B.
Canada: Pat M.
EU/UK: Jonnie K.

December 2015
Les Paul Custom 100th Anniversary Outfit
United States: Wayne R.
Canada: Tammy E.
EU/UK: Maxwell C.

November 2015
PRO-1 Performance Pack
United States: Clink K.
Canada: Lavinia L.
EU/UK: Muff E.

October 2015
Ltd. Ed. Björn Gelotte Les Paul Custom
United States: Farrand P.
Canada: William W.
EU/UK: Jorge E.

September 2015
Dobro Houndog Metal Body Round Neck
United States: Daniel H.
Canada: Will P.
EU/UK: David M.

August 2015
Ltd. Ed. Tommy Thayer "White Lightning" Les Paul
United States: Chris B.
Canada: Paul S.
EU/UK: Chris G.

July 2015
Les Paul Selfie Contest
Ltd. Ed. 75th Anniversary Inspired by “1939” Century Amp
United States: Hilal K.
Canada: Sean S.
EU/UK: Moritz L.

June 2015 
Les Paul Tribute Plus
United States: Jackie P.
Canada: Don G.
EU/UK: Joo D.

May 2015
Ltd. Ed. Gary Clark Jr. Blak & Blu Casino
United States:  Pat C.
Canada: Dan P.
EU/UK: Mark H.

March/April 2015 
Masterbilt AJ-45ME
United States: Joey L.
Canada: Nick G.
EU/UK: Brendan R.

February 2015

Ltd. Ed. Lee Malia Les Paul Custom
United States: Bob M.
Canada: Luke H.
EU/UK: Sebastien D.

January 2015
PRO-1 Ultra
United States:  Helen S.
Canada: Duane H.
EU/UK: Nigel S.

December 2014
Ltd. Ed. Joe Bonamassa Les Paul Custom, Pelham Blue
United States: Peter S.
Canada: James D.
EU/UK: Miss C.