Our friends in Twisted Sister devoted all of 2016 to their 40 & @#$% It Farewell Tour and though we're pretty sure they are going to stay true to their word, you can still relive the rock n' roll dream through the critically acclaimed documentary, We Are Twisted F@$%%ing Sister and the live DVD, Metal Meltdown recorded at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas.

Lead guitarist and producer Jay Jay French has been a longtime Epiphone fan and has rarely been seen on stage with Dee Snider and the gang without his custom Epi Les Paul.  In an interview with Rock Cellar Magazine earlier this year, French maintained that this time 'round, the band is truly ready to call it quits. 

"It's kind of like the last five minutes of a fireworks display as far as the history of Twisted Sister is concerned," said French. "When people doubt that this is the end, I tell them they shouldn't doubt it. It is the end…These dates are it, but there'll be plenty of product out there."  Visit the Twisted Sister website for more info about special releases, check out Jay in action on the classic Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and read our timely feature on the critically acclaimed Les Paul Standard PlusTop PRO.