KISS set off on their KISS KRUISE VI last weekend weekend sailing from Miami to Cozmuel and the Grand Caymans. The cruise sold out weeks ago and continues to be one of KISS' most popular annual events. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famers will then head to Mexico for their final shows of the year appearing at the Northside Festival in Monterrey, Mexico and the Stadium Toros De Tijuana.

Longtime Epiphone signature artist Tommy Thayer celebrates his birthday today. Read our classic interview with Mr. Thayer and all about his critically acclaimed Ltd. Ed. Tommy Thayer "White Lightning" Les Paul Outfit. 
"I'm still amazed at the quality and value of the Epiphones," Thayer told "I play my signature guitars on stage with KISS without missing a beat. The entire band gave it a big thumbs up. The reaction to this guitar has been overwhelmingly good."  Happy Birthday, Tommy from all your friends at Epiphone!