New Paul Simon June 3Paul Simon's new album Stranger to Stranger comes out June 3 and it once again finds Simon stretching out, working with Italian electronic dance artist Clap! Clap! and merging beats, electronica, African percussion, and gospel.

"He takes African sound samples and puts digital dance grooves behind it. His newest album is a masterpiece. He makes music sound new and old at the same time," Simon told Rolling Stone. "I don't set out to make each album different than the last one. It's just my natural inclination." 

Longtime Simon & Garfunkel producer Roy Halee produced the album with Simon. "He retired, but I always liked working with him more than anyone else."  Simon will tour this summer and we can't wait to see him along with longtime Simon bandmember and multi-instrumentalist Jim Oblon.  Check out Jim's demonstration of the 75th Anniversary Inspired by "1939" Century Amp below and don't miss Simon (with Oblon often playing the drums) in concert.