Our friends at Rolling Stone have a new feature on Revival, the groundbreaking album by Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings that heralded the beginning of the Americana music movement of young players modernizing and reshaping pre-war country and blues sounds.

As Epi readers know, Dave Rawlings is a longtime fan of Epiphone and has played his early 30s vintage Olympic almost exclusively over his entire career with Gillian.

"I found it at a friend's house," Rawlings recalled to Epiphone. "I know that at the time I found it, I had it in my head that I was interested in trying to find an instrument that would sit in a little more of a mid-range part of the tonal spectrum. Like a Dobro or a mandolin, as opposed to a dreadnought lead guitar. I thought it would potentially be more versatile--that you could get away with dreadnaught licks on a smaller instrument. The flattop--to me--always has that particular tonal characteristic that doesn't have that midrange-forward thing. Even small bodied flattops have a more pronounced bass."

Dave enjoyed checking out the new Masterbilt Century Olympic ("Man, this is nice"). Read our interview and also take a look at our feature on the Olympic.  Visit your Authorized Epiphone Dealer for details. Watch the new Masterbilt Century Olympic in action with Black Pistol Fire.