Longtime Epi fans Little Feat will ring in the new year along with Jackson Browne, guitarist Greg Leisz, and the Midnight Ramble Band at the annual Ramble On the Island Festival in Jewel Paradise Cove Resort January 9-13, 2017. Little Feat will also perform an additional show on January 8. Jackson Browne and Little Feat have been friends for decades so you can expect lots of surprises. Complete packages for the event are sold out but visit the Festival website for details.

Be sure to read our classic interview with Little Feat's founding guitarist Paul Barrère who has played a major role in not only making hit records with Little Feat but also with friends like Bonnie Raitt, Carly Simon, and the late Robert Palmer. Barrère's credits include “Feats Don’t Fail Me Now,” “Down On the Farm,” and “Time Loves A Hero,”—all of them now a staple of the American songbook. You can trace a lot of the Americana genre’s spirited mix of blues, swing, jazz, country, rock, and Cajun to Paul’s songwriting and guitar work with Little Feat.  "For my acoustic gigs I still use my EJ-200, Barrère told Epiphone.com. "I can’t tell you how many sound engineers at venues love the sound they get in the front of house with it. It’s simply the best of any acoustic/electric guitars I’ve ever used."