Check out the fantastic video from our friends at Norman's Rare Guitars in Tarzana, California featuring the swingin' cowboy sounds of Frank Stallone. Frank's brother, Rocky actor and director Sylvester, surprised his younger sibling-- who is also an actor and musician--with the gift of a 1940 Epiphone Emperor formerly used by the Sons of the Pioneers.

“I come into the store like I do on Saturday and all of the sudden, Norm said, ‘You know someone might want to buy you a guitar,’ and I just couldn’t think of it, because my brother has never bought me a guitar. And all of a sudden who calls me while I’m in the store? Sly!”

After Sly nudged Frank to look around Norm's for a guitar he didn't have, Norm himself surprised Frank with a hand-cut leather guitar case with the Sons of the Pioneers tooled into the side and inside, a near-perfect 1940 Epiphone Emperor. "This is one of my favorite groups," said Frank, who teased Norm for taking his time telling him about the guitar ("It took him an hour!").

Frank does a fine medley of Sons of the Pioneers hits. Perhaps a Western-styled vocal group is in his future. "This guitar is spectacular," said Frank. "And I'm not going to leave this out like I do my other guitars because we have earthquakes. It's going in the vault but I'll play it a lot." Happy Holidays, Stallones!  Come visit us in Nashville!