Trivium featuring our own Matt Heafy has announced a special remastered reissue of their classic Ember to Inferno on CD and double LP plus Ab Initio, featuring 13 bonus tracks. 

The Deluxe 5-LP set features five coloured vinyl albums in a special box including the original album in a 2-LP gatefold printed on orange and black marble vinyl plus an expanded booklet, a 24x36 poster, a large stencil, and 13 unreleased early demos over three LPs including "Ruber" (aka the Red Demo) on transparent red vinyl, "Caeruleus" (aka the Blue Demo) on transparent blue vinyl, and "Flavus" (aka the Yellow Demo) on transparent yellow vinyl.  Visit Trivium's website for details and read our classic interview with Matt and discover his two killer Ltd. Ed. Epiphone Matt Heafy Les Paul Custom 6 and 7-string signature models.  

"The Epiphone MKH 6's and 7's are currently the only guitars I am playing live," Heafy told, "a true testament to the quality of the instrument. And to reinstate once again: the same model I play live is the same model anyone can buy in stores; there is no higher model for me and lower model for the fan. I find when one plays a 7-string and is up-to-speed with speed, the 7-string typically makes them play more technical riffs. Once you know your way around either string selection for a guitar, you know inherently what would sound better on what kind of guitar."