Thanks to Product Advisor for choosing Epiphone as the their favorite first-instrument for banjo fans:

"Banjos have one of the most easily recognizable sounds of any instrument, famous for their unique twang which can be heard in numerous popular bands…If you’re just getting into banjos for the first time, choosing the best beginner banjo can be a bit tricky.We spent two days comparing banjos with new players in mind, and we'd say the Epiphone MB-100 is the best beginner banjo because it offers proven quality and performance at a reasonable price, which ultimately makes it the perfect fit for new players to learn on."

The tone this banjo offers is great. You get a nice, lush sound which features good projection and volume. The only real thing to keep in mind with this model is that a proper setup might be necessary. Just like guitars, banjos can benefit greatly from a good setup job. Even so, you shouldn’t really run into any issues right out of the box."

Read the full review here. The Epiphone MB-100 open back 5-string banjo is the perfect traveling banjo and an ideal first instrument for players interested in bluegrass and stringband music. Open back banjos are appreciated for being lightweight (easy on the shoulder!) and for their unique, mellow tone.

Epiphone’s founder Epi Stathopoulo’s first patent was for a banjo and Epiphone has always been at the forefront of banjo design, setting trends, and leading the industry in making affordable quality instruments. Visit your Authorized Epiphone Dealer today to try out a new MB-100 yourself! It's picking' time!