Be sure to check out the latest issue of Bass Player Magazine which features a video Top 10 overview of Jack Casady's best bass performances from throughout his long career leading up to his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This month, Casady and Epiphone have joined together to present the Ltd. Ed. 20th Anniversary Jack Casady Signature Bass.

Read our classic interview with Casady on his early days in Washington D.C., joining Jefferson Airplane, forming Hot Tuna, and designing what has become the archtop hollowbody bass standard for pros around the world.

"With the long scale neck and a single pickup in the sweet spot that has that full harmonic range, I thought it was a very versatile instrument that engineers would love and would not have to mess with," Casady told Epiphone. "I wanted to have an instrument where the individual player could with the density, the meat in their hands or how they approached the instrument --get something different. It's the player, it's not the instrument. None of this would have happened without Epiphone. 20 years later, I really didn't expect that this would still be in the line. It's a testament to how unique Epiphone is in the industry."