On December 15, the Beatles label Apple Records will release The Beatles Christmas singles, originally distributed exclusively to their fan club, on colored 45rpm vinyl singles in a limited edition box set along with reproductions of the original artwork and a 16-page booklet with recording notes and reproductions of the original fan club's newsletters.

The Christmas singles follow the trajectory of the Beatles' studio output and feature comedy sketches, tape loops, and homemade holiday songs. The 45s were originally printed on flexi-discs and distributed to the Beatles' official fan club members every December starting in 1963 through 1969.  If you're new to the Beatles Christmas records, you're in for a treat.  What do they sound like? Imagine a surreal combination of Doctor Who and Monty Python--and perhaps a liberal amount of spirits thrown in.  It's the last missing puzzle of the Beatles catalog and it's been well worth the wait. Don't miss it. Plus, the new mix of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band will also be released on hi-definition audio, 180-gram vinyl, and a collectible picture disc. See you in line at the record store!

1963: “The Beatles' Christmas Record” 
Recorded: 17 October 1963 - Studio Two, EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London

1964: “Another Beatles Christmas Record” 
Recorded: 26 October 1964 - Studio Two, EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London

1965: “The Beatles' Third Christmas Record” 
Recorded: 8 November 1965 - Studio Two, EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London

1966: “Pantomime - Everywhere It's Christmas: The Beatles' Fourth Christmas Record” 
Recorded: 25 November 1966 - Dick James Music, New Oxford Street, London

1967: “Christmas Time (Is Here Again): The Beatles’ Fifth Christmas Record” 
Recorded: 28 November 1967 - Studio Three, EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London

1968: “The Beatles' Sixth Christmas Record” 
Recorded: 1968, various locations

1969: “The Beatles' Seventh Christmas Record” 
Recorded: 1969, various locations