Keep an eye out for longtime Epiphone Sheraton fan Benjamin Booker's new album, Witness, due June 2 on digital and vinyl. The new LP includes a guest appearance by legend Mavis Staples and was produced by Sam Cohen and mixed by Shawn Everett, known for his work with Alabama Shakes. Booker wrote much of the album on a temporary escape from the U.S. to Mexico City.  "I rented an apartment on the border of Juarez and Doctores, two neighborhoods in the center of the city, near the Baleras metro station and prepared to be mostly alone," wrote Booker on his website. “Witness asks two questions I think every person in America needs to ask: 'Am I going to be a Witness?' and in today’s world, 'Is that enough?'"

Visit Booker's website for tour info and to read his essay about the new album and check out the official audio video for the new single, "Believe."