Congratulations to all of our Epiphone artists whose albums were singled out by critics as the best recordings of the year. Margo Price returned with her second full-length LP, All American Made, which will most certainly get a GRAMMY nomination for best Americana album and perhaps best Country album as well. Check out our interview from January 2017 made while Ms. Price was working on the album at Sam Phillips Studios in Memphis and had just received a new Epiphone Masterbilt Century De Luxe in time for the sessions. 

"It's just amazing," Price told "When I pick it up it inspires me to write more then when I'm playing on my J-45. It has a really warm rich sound. I find myself picking on it more than strumming."

Jeff Waters and his band Annihilator released For the Demented in 2017, which once again features Waters on lead vocals. "For this new one, musically and vocally, I wanted to just go back to what people liked about the first eight years of our career that was our biggest time, too," Waters told Epiphone. "Although the last three years have shot the band up to a whole new level, especially touring and attendance-wise, a big chunk of our fan base came from our demo days of the mid 80's to around 1996. I just wanted to see if I could have someone come in the studio with me so I asked our bass player Richard Hinks from the UK to bring in fresh ears. I had him sit there and listen to what I was coming up with musically and say, 'yes, that sounds like 'Waters stuff' from the past or 'no that sounds way too much like the list of 20 musicians I love (laughs)."

Masterbilt Century fan Billy Bragg took on world matters with his new collection, Bridges Not Walls, and will soon have a new full-length album as well, Full English Brexit.  Read Bragg's terrific interview with Epiphone here.

Longtime Epi Signature Artist Matt Heafy and his band Trivium followed up a long European tour with a new album, the Sin & the Sentence, which came out at the same time as his new Ltd. Ed. 6 and 7-string "Sn∅fall" Les Paul Custom Outfits. Read out interview and look for a U.S. tour in 2018.

Meanwhile, Bring Me the Horizon featuring Epiphone Signature Artist Lee Malia released an overview of their work from Epitaph, 2004-2013. The collection will be followed up by a new album sometime later in 2018. Read our interview with Lee and discover his Artisan Collection which now features a Les Paul, an Explorer, and an RD Custom.

It was another great year for the Modfather and Casino fan Paul Weller whose album A Kind Revolution got terrific reviews and helped to keep the UK legend busy in the UK, Europe, and the U.S.  Weller also contributed to the soundtrack to the film, Jawbone.  Look for more good news from Weller in 2018.

Tristen's self-produced album Sneaker Waves further cemented her reputation as an artist who has no limitations.  In 2017 she was noted by Rolling Stone as one of 10 New Country Artists to Watch but in reality, her sound is --as Sun Records Sam Phillips might have said--all over the road. Pop, rock, or country--the world is her oyster.  Check out the album and read our interview.

Read our interview with Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner joining the band, the upcoming album Firepower, and the making of Faulkner's Ltd. Ed. Signature model featuring EMG™ pickups and a Floyd Rose® Tremolo with locking nut, along with a custom gigbag.

"I've always been included since the day I joined the band," Faulkner told "I've always felt like a big part of a family. I tell people that's one of the greatest things about being in Judas Priest. As we speak, we've just got out of the studio after a three-month stint in the UK tracking Priests' 18th studio record and the second record that I've recorded. And it's my fourth release including the live albums Epitaph and Battle Cry. Being in Judas Priest is a great atmosphere. You can imagine working live and touring the world with these masters. It's an incredible experience on stage and also in the studio. Very creative, inclusive--it's great fun."

And last but not least, we'd be remiss if we also didn't mention the 50th anniversary remix of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by our favorite Casino champions, The Beatles. Sgt. Pepper's will continue to be a point of argument for fans and detractors alike. Whether or not the new remix improved on The Beatles' original mono mix that their engineer Geoff Emerick made under John, Paul, George, and Ringo's direction in 1967, the new sound and unheard outtakes certainly made the case that the band will continue to enchant fans for decades to come.  Read our interview with Abbey Road's esteemed engineers on the making of the album everyone loves to argue about. Also, check out new albums by Crystal Bowersox, Joe Bonamassa, Damon Johnson, and Pokey LaFarge. And start saving now for Record Store Day, April 21!