Check out the new Music Radar interview with our longtime signature artist Björn Gelotte of In Flames. Gelotte has now designed two signature Les Pauls with Epiphone's luthiers in Nashville; the critically acclaimed Ltd. Ed. Björn Gelotte Les Paul Custom Outfit and the new Ltd. Ed. Björn Gelotte "Jotun" Les Paul Custom Outfit in a Bone White finish. Both Les Pauls feature EMG "Metalworks" Active Pickups, an Ebony fingerboard, a LockTone™ "Nashville-Style" Tune-o-matic/Stopbar bridge and tailpiece combo, and Grover® Roto-matic Machine Heads. Machine Head recently released a new EP, Down, Wicked & No Good. While you're listening,  read our classic interview with Mr. Gelotte and as well as his interview with Music Radar.  

“The whole point in doing an Epiphone is so that we could do the exact same thing as the Gibson that I had, only we could make it a bit more affordable," Gelotte told Music Radar. "I haven’t played any other guitar since I got the first prototype. So all the recording, all the touring for almost the last two years has been on one of these. It makes me really proud to be able to say that. Because it’s one thing to be able to create a signature in order to sell it but another to create a signature you actually want to be able to play. So I’m super proud of that and they did a really killer job.”