Last weekend hard rock and metal fans from around the world are gathered in Catton Park, Derbyshire, England for the 12th annual Bloodstock Open Air Festival. Epiphone was represented by none other than ace speedmeister Jeff Waters and his redoubtable band Annihilator with his Jeff Waters Annihilator-II Flying V leading the way. Keep your eyes peeled to our Epiphone's Facebook page for updates, an exclusive interview with Jeff and lots of other surprises. And check out our classic interview where Waters admits that he does not practice every day.

"No, no. For me it's been like this since 1993 where I did my time in hell practicing for a good 10 years solid--as a teenager into my early 20s--when I did my insane practicing on everything I could find that I liked.

Obviously, there are just so many great players and bands. But I targeted my Randy Rhoads, my Slayer, and my Angus Young blues leads and rhythm playing... Van Halen, all of these great people... Judas Priest; that was my sort of time-in-hell decade. After that it became maintenance. If it was time to write a record, then you slowly ease into it and you don't kill yourself right away. You just jam, have fun, get sounds in your studio just as a warm up, and then you start playing every day, writing.