Congrats to Epi fan Dave Rawlings whose new album Poor David's Almanack was released today around the world.  Don't miss it.

Poor David's Almanack features Rawlings with longtime music partner Gillian Welch, Willie Watson, Paul Kowert, Brittany Haas, Ketch Secor, and Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith and was produced by Ken Scott whose credits include The Beatles, David Bowie, Supertramp, Elton John, and Lou Reed's epic (and Epiphone Riviera driven) LP Transformer.  Mr. Rawlings is particular about his guitars and gave the new Epiphone Masterbilt Century Olympic a work out (and an approving nod) during our classic interview.  

"Mine is a '35," Rawlings told when describing his original and road worn Olympic. "I found it at a friend's house. I know that at the time I found it, I had it in my head that I was interested in trying to find an instrument that would sit in a little more of a mid-range part of the tonal spectrum."

Check out our interview and be sure to see Dave and longtime music partner Gillian Welch when they come to your town.

Dave Rawlings Poor David's Almanack Tour Dates

August 16 Louisville, KY
August 17 St. Louis, MO
August 18 Kansas City, MO
August 20 Lyons, CO
August 23 Minneapolis, MN
August 24 Madison, WI
August 25, Chicago, IL
August 26, Bloomington, IN