Bassist Dominic Davis, renowned for his recent work with Jack White as well as the North Mississippi All-Stars, stopped by Epiphone's showroom in Nashville to check out the new Masterbilt Century De Luxe Classic Bass and gave it a big thumbs up.  Look for a new interview with Dominic soon. In the meantime, check out Davis' classic interview with Epi where Dominic talks about writing bass lines to the legendary White Stripes catalog and going to Cass Technical High School whose alumni include jazz greats Ron Carter, Paul Chambers, and Diana Ross.

"I grew up in a Detroit neighborhood with plenty of character. My neighborhood high school was less than desirable so I choose to take the test and see if I could get into Cass. I was already playing the bass and knew that Cass Tech was a great school, but I didn't know much about the music program or all of the folks that had gone there. I was accepted to study visual arts and just happened to take quite a bit of music classes while I was there. Looking back, it was unique because you picked a major and got to take the classes that you wanted to take. I became immersed in art and music and was given plenty of time to work on it."