Les Paul fans should check out the new post by noted music writer Tony Bacon who recently published a series of terrific interviews with Les Paul from his archive with more on the way. Les talks about recording with Bing Crosby with his Epiphone, his early recordings for Decca, and the challenging advice he got from his mother.

"She said, I heard you on the air last night and you sounded great," Les told Tony Bacon. "And I said mum, I wasn’t on the air last night—I’ve been playing seven shows a day at the Chicago Theatre. She says, Well then you’d better sue ‘em, 'cause there’s people out there that are stealing your stuff. She said, You ought to do something so that you’re different than anybody else. She got that in my head. I gave notice to The Andrews Sisters in Chicago and drove back to California, and I said, I’m gonna stay in the studio until I come up with a sound where I’m completely different than anybody else. It was my mother that put the bee in my bonnet."

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Read Tony's interview with Les here and check out Epiphone's own extensive archive with the Wizard of Waukesha.