Epiphone will make a splash at the upcoming Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal on August 4-6 featuring longtime Epi fans Alabama Shakes along with Liam Gallagher, The Shins, and Belle and Sebastian.  Read our classic interview with guitarist Heath Fogg about his treasured Sheraton II and be sure to catch The 'Shakes with fellow Epi artists Dominic Davis, Fats Kaplin, and Lillie Mae in the PBS documentary American Epic.

"Yeah, (the Sheraton PRO) is the main guitar I play usually. I bought that guitar on ebay about 10 years ago. I had seen Nick from The Strokes. He played an Epiphone and I thought it was cool and I really was trying to find one like he plays. But I found the Sheraton-II and I thought: you know what? I'll try it. And I fell in love with it."