In May, T-Bone Burnett, Robert Redford, and Jack White will finally premier their long awaited American Epic series on PBS and the BBC. The film takes a fresh look at the music business of the late 20s and early 30s when labels were traveling throughout the country to record a dizzying combination of sounds, styles, and mash-ups that mixed stringband blues, slide guitars, banjos, orchestras, and honky tonk piano. If you ever wanted to know where the unworldy sounds of Jimmie Rodgers, Charlie Patton, Leadbelly, the Carter Family, and the Mississippi Sheiks came from, this is your chance.

If the vintage performances don't get you, then the footage of shellac printing presses will. And best of all, the film features many of Epiphone's longtime fans and players including Lillie Mae, Fats Kaplin and Dominic Davis from Jack White's band, Taj Mahal, Los Lobos, Pokey LaFarge, and many more recording live to a recently discovered acoustic disc cutter circa 1930.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled and don't miss it.