Last weekend Epiphone once again rocked the world famous Wacken Open Air Festival, one of Europe's biggest metal and hard rock events. Artists including Trivium, featuring Epiphone signature artist Matt Heafy, along with legend Alice Cooper, Annihilator featuring Jeff Waters, and Volbeat, performed to over 80,000 fans who packed the village of Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein in Northern Germany for weekend of extreme volume.

And if you're wondering just how loud Wacken can be, in 2015 longtime Epi fan Dee Snider of Twisted Sister performed AC/DC's classic "Highway to Hell" at a ear-bleedin' 120 decibels which was heard 43 miles away in Kiel.  Look for more updates soon.  Tickets to Wacken 2018 to be held August 1-4 next year are now on sale. In the meantime, read our interview with Trivium's Matt Heafy on designing his signature Epiphone Les Paul Custom 6-string and 7-string.

"Nowadays, I find it best to be completely on whim or gut feeling," Heafy told "When sitting with either 6 or 7-string, I will create entirely different riffs and feelings than I would on the opposite guitar. With Trivium's upcoming album, I knew it would be 6-string; with my side project Mrityu, I knew it would rely heavily on 7-strings for the ability to craft far more technical riffs.

I find when one plays a 7-string and is up-to-speed with speed, the 7-string typically makes them play more technical riffs. Once you know your way around either string selection for a guitar, you know inherently what would sound better on what kind of guitar.

Anything you've ever heard or seen another instrumentalist do on another instrument (in this case, the guitar), you can do. Anything that's been done can be done again with practice and a good work ethic."

Be like Matt! Both his 6-string and 7-string Les Paul Customs feature Mahogany bodies, Ebony fretboards, and Heafy-worthy active EMG pickups. Play one today at your awesome Authorized Epiphone Dealer.