Epi fan Aaron Lee Tasjan has announced he'll perform for the PBS series Bluegrass Underground sessions on March 25, 2018.  Other artists in the lineup for 2018 include The Del McCoury Band, Tim O'Brien, and legend Bobby Bare. Visit the website for details and read our interview with Mr. Tasjan from Americana 2017 (pictured here with his Masterbilt Century De Luxe) about settling in to East Nashville.

"I think there’s always a certain level of people who have been in the scene and around for a longtime are gonna be slightly irked when everybody decides that the place where they’ve been living for the last 20 years is suddenly “cool” and needs to move to town to get their street cred or whatever.  It can feel a little disingenuous.  But in a lot of ways, it’s always kind of a cool thing especially for a scene that’s as cool and eclectic as the East Nashville scene. Because, I really count that as its own thing. You just have these people like Todd Snider or Chuck Mead or Elizabeth Cook who have just been around making this great music before Americana was even really a brand name thing--And sort of paving the way for all of us. Now you have people coming into town who revere that thing as well. To me those are the kind of people in town I’m stoked to hang out with (laughs)!"