Happy Birthday to Mr. Rock N' Roll Rhythm Guitar, Keith Richards who celebrates his 74th birthday this week. Keith, as you might expect, is a long time Epiphone aficionado as seen by this photo he tweeted of his purchase of a 1941 Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe Regent  picked up on a recent trip to Nashville. Turn up your favorite Keith riffs today and listen to the new Rolling Stones album, On Air, featuring the best of the Stones' BBC performances.

"At the time we were doing this, we were, like, ‘Oh, my God — the BBC!," Richards told the South Bend Tribune. “Once we started playing, we didn’t give a damn. They still don’t — bless their hearts. We just got off the road, and I wish there were a few more shows. We were just hitting a groove!”

Rolling Stones and Beatles fans will enjoy our classic interview with Beatles and Rolling Stones guitar expert Andy Babiuk on the mystery surrounding Keith's missing 1962 Epiphone Casino that he brought to America for The Rolling Stones' first U.S. tour.

"There were a lot of things I found out that were stolen from them," Babiuk told Epiphone. "And unfortunately, it was done by people who were supposed to be watching their stuff for them. It's kind of sad state of affairs but it is what it is. And Keith would wish to have it back. We got him another old one just like it because he really wanted his Epiphone back and we can't get the original back. We got him a vintage model. Everything was the same on it and he likes it quite a bit."

Happy Birthday, Keith from all your friends at Epiphone!