Happy Birthday to our superlative signature artist Matt Heafy. Heafy helped design the Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Matt Heafy Les Paul Custom and the Ltd. Ed. Matt Heafy Les Paul Custom-7 seven-string, both of which have been embraced by scores of artists and fans for their classy look and impeccable quality. And who would have thought you could make the Les Paul Custom even cooler than it already was? Read our classic interview about the making of the guitars here.

Heafy and his band Trivium just announced an extension of their tour of the EU in support of their latest album, Silence In the Snow. But typical of Mr. Heafy, he is by no means taking a break from writing and recently reached out to fans for their ideas on what they would like to hear from the band next.  

"Since Trivium uses zero click tracks, backing tracks, backing musicians, or basically anything other than what the four of us can do at that moment live, naturally, everything is always a bit more raw than the album," Heafy told Epiphone about the differences between recording and playing live. "When recording a record, you can add depth with layered tracks and production. Live is the time and place for the band to shine. The records are always done with due justice live, but I always find that there's a nice difference live and by record in comparison with us."

Visit the band's website for tour info which kicks off February 11 at the Academy in Dublin and extends into the early Spring.  Happy Birthday, Matt! Thanks for being a part of the House of Stathopoulo!