A big loud Happy Birthday to longtime Epi fan and signature artist Robb Flynn of Machine Head who celebrates his 50th birthday today. Flynn is throwing a 50th birthday party this Saturday, July 19 at the Oakland Metro Opera House. Visit Machine Head's website for details and tickets. Read our classic interview with Flynn about the making of his now legendary Ltd. Ed. Love/Death Baritone Flying V as well as the Bloodstone and Diamonds Flying V.

"I've been a Flying-V junky forever, they are hands down, the coolest looking guitars," Flynn told Epiphone.com. "So I started researching a bunch of classic Flying-V's looking closely at the details of what made them (in my opinion) look cool. I went on a three day mission just scouring the web, scouring guitar stores, and looking at all the cool classic Flying-V's from all the different eras, and I took some of the finer classic points--like the pickguard from the Korina V, the string plate, the string through body, and the classic logo--and just make this a fresh but classic looking Flying-V."