Hot Tuna will kick off their fall tour on November 11 with a sold out show at the Fur Peace Station in Pomeroy, Ohio. The tour will continue along the east coast with dates in Boston, Alexandria, Virginia, Asbury Park, New Jersey, and three nights at the City Winery in New York. Visit the website for details and don't miss our recent interview with Hot Tuna bassist and Jefferson Airplane legend Jack Casady on the 20th anniversary of his Epiphone Signature Jack Casady Bass.

"My job --and what I want my legacy to be-- is to make something with universal appeal," Casady told "I wanted to get the instrument to where a jazz player or a pop player or a folk player or a rock player could find that instrument and work inside the instrument with their own technique. It's my feeling that having that single pickup in the sweet spot allows you to then move your hands dynamically over the 'sking' length of the strings. And through various techniques, a player can pull out the different sounds. But at the same time, it's a true, real sound...None of this would have happened without Epiphone. Twenty years later, I really didn't expect that this would still be in the line. It's a testament to how unique Epiphone is in the industry. That's why I love Epiphone."