Longtime Epi fans Interpol have announced they will honor the 15th anniversary of their album, Turn On the Bright Lights with a string of live dates in the UK and Europe this summer. The band also announced they are in the studio for most of the 2017 and plan to release a new album in early 2018. Visit the Interpol's website for details and check out the classic clip of Interpol from the 2014 Glastonbury with Daniel Kessler on his recent vintage Epiphone Casino with Bigsby!  You can also read our new feature on the history of the Epiphone Casino here.

"Usually, the songs start with me and then I bring them to the dudes in the rehearsal room and we dress them up together," Kessler told the Arizona Republic about the band's songwriting process. "That's pretty much how all the songs came about, which is great...We knew the songs were ready to go to the studio when we could almost play a live show minus maybe some vocal amendment here and there. The energy in that room was like that. It's a good sign when you can do that versus hoping to fix something later on."