Our friends at Abbey Road Studios in London just released a new interview with James Bay who has been working at the studio's new studio on new material. Check it out below along with our video of James discovering his his new Ltd. Ed. James Bay "1966" Century Outfit ("incredible") and his vintage 1966 model on which his new Epiphone was based.

"I wrote almost my entire first album, Chaos and The Calm, on my Century," Bay told Epiphone.com. "It really helped tie things together for me. I'd been writing and performing on a jumbo body acoustic guitar until I found the Century. The jumbo was great but undeniably acoustic. I wanted to keep that deep, loud sound but get it to growl more, which the P-90 in my Century allowed. Lately, writing for my second album, I've switched it up a lot more. It only feels right to move away from what became so familiar, to keep everything fresh...And it's been fun to step away from the hollowbody thing for a minute, though I have been plugging the new Epiphone Olympic Masterbilt into electric guitar amps during writing, which sounds incredible too!"

Look for more good news from James Bay and Epiphone soon.