Be sure to check your local PBS station for a repeat of Jason & the Scorchers' live performance at Bluegrass Underground last month featuring longtime Epiphone ally and EJ-200 devotee "Farmer" Jason Ringenberg.  Farmer Jason will be performing solo throughout the winter and spring. Visit his website for details and read our classic interview.

Though Mr. Ringenberg is using his Masterbilt for the Scorchers' taping, he's usually seen on stage solo with his ever-present Epiphone EJ-200."I have two EJ-200s that Epiphone set up for me and they sound magnificent," Ringenberg told Epiphone. "One of them I’ve had since ’94 and I did all that Scorcher touring with it. Now, it’s my first Farmer Jason guitar when I travel. And then I keep a newer one for videos and for recording and for photos--it’s nice and new looking. I also have an old AE-30, which was a prototype--I’m not sure it ever went into production--and I use that for the Scorchers sometimes. It’s a really good guitar."

The new season of Bluegrass Underground begins in March with The Mavericks, Marty Stuart featuring Masterbilt Century fan Chris Scruggs, and Kasey Chambers. The shows are filmed in a subterranean amphitheater that's 333 feet below ground in McMinnville, Tennessee inside the historic Cumberland Caverns. Visit the website for more info.