Annihilator, featuring longtime Epiphone signature artist Jeff Waters, recently announced a summer tour, Ripping Through Canada, that will kick off June 13.  Tickets are on sale now for dates in Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Waterloo, Toronto, and many more. Visit the website for details. Jeff has also started a new mastering service and his passion for recording is as great as his love for guitar.

“Many people think I'm a workaholic but I don’t have a real job, this is my hobby job, right? And I love what I'm doing,” Waters told  “I’ve had my own studio for decades and as a hobby I love engineering, producing, mixing, mastering--so to do it myself, it's like it’s something you like doing, like jet skiing or skiing down a mountain. It's fun.”

Read the classic interview and visit an Authorized Epiphone Dealer today to check out Waters’ latest edition of the Jeff Waters Annihilation II Flying V. “When you find people who know what they're doing like Epiphone, you just let them do it. They threw me the guitar back and I'd say 99% of it was just perfect from the start."