Epi signature artist and powerhouse riff-meister Jeff Waters and his band Annihilator are blazing through Europe this summer with headlong spots at Bloodstock and Wacken Open Air. Visit Waters' Facebook page for the latest photos and read his interview with Epiphone.com about his latest signature model, the Ltd. Ed. Annihilation Flying V Outfit.

"People seemed to really like the first one. It was affordable and it was a great guitar and I used it on stage," Waters told Epiphone.com. "When that ran out, Jim Rosenberg and I talked about doing another guitar. I thought it might end up being more expensive but Jim said let's reduce the cost slightly but keep the quality up and really offer Metal guitar players something great. I didn't have a huge pile of lists of things I wanted. When you find people who know what they're doing like Epiphone, you just let them do it. They threw me the guitar back and I'd say 99% of it was just perfect from the start."