Joe Bonamassa kicks off a month-long tour of the U.S. next week in Fort Myers, Florida before continuing on to Fort Lauderdale, Charleston, Savannah, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, and two dates at the historic Chicago Theatre. Bonamassa's new critically acclaimed Epiphone Ltd. Ed. "Treasure" Firebird-1 Outfit already has fans clamoring for an extended run or a two-pickup version. Discover the "Treasure" yourself at your Authorized Epiphone Dealer and watch the cool clip of Bonamassa talk about how the guitar got its name.

"As the owner of three vintage ones, I'm a bit of a vintage snob sometimes. And when I plugged them in, I thought these are just as good as the originals and I started taking notice of how they made them; same way they did in the 60s--9-ply (piece Laminated Mahogany/Walnut) body. They put the Kluson tuners on there--expensive if you had to buy them in the after market. And when I plugged them in, they sounded identical and in some cases a little bit better than the originals so they did a great job. And they're more in tune. I'm very impressed with the whole package."

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