If you happen to be in Music City this fall, be sure to catch Epiphone's Kim Logan at The Cobra and hear a preview of her new album due in October. Or visit her Facebook page for more tour dates.

Logan is a force of nature either solo or with her crack band and though she can throw down some rock 'n' roll, woe to the singer (or critic) who would assume she can't torch down the club with a ballad. You won't be seeing her in small venues for very long after this year.

Read our classic interview with Kim where she talks about her opera training in Florida, moving to Nashville, her ever-present Epiphone Dot, and her 2016 sessions with Third Man Records engineer Vance Powell and Epiphone bassist and expert arranger Dominic Davis.

"It does help me speak to the Vance’s and the Dominic’s of the world. I hear the record in my mind but it takes some translation to get it out," Logan told Epiphone.com. "With some of the other producers I sat down with, without question they were either going to insert themselves into the songwriting process or they were going to modify the songs or they were going to start from scratch and coach me as to how they wanted me to sound. And I was like: “get the @#$#@ out of here!”  What I love about combining rock n’ roll and blues and opera and psychedelia—it’s my dream to put all these ingredients together. Vance added all these different technologies together and all these different feels. They both got really emotional with me—they were right there."