During the nine decades that inventor and musician Les Paul lived, the music business went from sheet music to computer and from wax cylinders to digital. The term "wireless" in his time referred to radio. Now you can download plans to build your own space ship.

It might take another 90 years to unravel everything Mr. Paul created, recorded, collected, and participated in. There is hardly a musical invention (or event) that he didn't participate in. Ever the self-promoter, Les claimed to have crossed paths with everyone from Jimmie Rodgers to Jimi Hendrix. Maybe he did. Les definitely made his pitch to the U.S. Patent Office, which should come as no surprise to any of his fans.

Today in 1962, Les was granted his first patent, #3,018,680, for an Electrical Musical Instrument with "improvements more particularly residing in a novel technique of employing magnetic pick-up to convert string vibration into electrical variations, and in a novel arrangement of parts for carrying out this technique."

Les was a born maverick which is probably why he was always so supportive of our work here at Epiphone. Read more about Les' life as told from the "horses mouth" (as he would say) in our birthday feature and discover the true story of the historic "Les Paul". And may your own musical inventions take you even half as far.  And as for his prized invention, you can't get much better than the new Epiphone 1956 Les Paul Standard featuring new P-90 PRO pickups. (Les himself was always partial to single coil pickups.) The rest, of course, is up to you.