This year, Epiphone and Little Kids Rock joined forces in a special initiative to bring music instruction back to public schools. Throughout 2017, LKR and Epiphone have hosted special events around the U.S. and this Friday, October 6,  LKR will celebrate their 10th anniversary of serving Chicago Public Schools by hosting the 2017-18 Kickoff Concert at Millennium Park. The event will see the largest group of Chicago public school students ever assembled to ever play music together--a whopping 2,500 kids playing and celebrating the power of music.

"Through our relationship with Epiphone, Little Kids Rock will be empowered to serve more kids than ever before," said Little Kids Rock CEO, David Wish, who founded the nonprofit in 2002 after leaving his job as an inner-city first grade teacher. "This synergy will also enable us to provide our kids with quality instruments just like their favorite musicians use--an opportunity that they may not have otherwise had."
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