Epiphone's favorite country superstar Loretta Lynn will celebrate her 85th birthday with two nights at the historic Ryman Auditorium April 14-15. Visit Loretta's website for details. Ms. Lynn received a GRAMMY nomination for her new album Full Circle which was produced by John R. Cash and featured an all-star cast of Nashville's top acoustic musicians along with friends Elvis Costello and Willie Nelson. Full Circle is Lynn's 40th Top 10 country album and her highest charting album ever on Billboard's Top 200.

Lynn is also working with the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville on a new exhibition on her career which will open August 25.  “I am so happy the Country Music Hall of Fame has asked me to be one of their main exhibits in 2017…gonna show off my 50 some odd years in country music!,” said Lynn on her website. “They best have a big space…I have a lot of stuff!  I’m so proud to share my life, and music with the Hall of Fame.  Y’all come see us!”  Also, consult your local PBS station to watch American Masters--Loretta Lynn: Still A Mountain Girl.  

Ms. Lynn's Epiphone Excellente has been her constant companion on the road and in the studio since the early 60s but Lynn has also grown fond of her Epiphone MM-50E Mandolin.  "I love playing mandolin at home," Loretta said. "How did you know that? Thanks a lot Epiphone.  We've been picking' together a long time." Stay tuned for more good news from Epiphone and Ms. Lynn soon.