Epiphone's favorite Irish punk band The Mahones have announced a summer tour of Europe with festivals in Italy, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, and Switzerland. There's no better way to experience the power of legendary quintet than on stage so if you're traveling this summer, don't miss them in concert. Visit The Mahones website for details and read our interview with founder and songwriter Finny McConnell on his Epiphone Les Paul Custom and surviving 27 years on the road playing punk rock.

"I think the secret to dealing with all the long touring over the years is just that we like to play music with our friends," McConnell told Epiphone.com. "We have a grass roots following around the world, so we've just built it up country by country. It's a lot of hard work but this is what we love to do, so it's really a pleasure. I've always said that if we had no fans at all, I would still be playing guitar for free anywhere I could. But I never took "no" for an answer."