This week, the Mahones are kicking off a European tour in Deventer, Netherlands on February 16. From there, they will head to Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, and the UK before returning to their home base of Canada. Let’s hope they get to the U.S. soon, too.  Be sure to check out the band’s epic 2-part album, The Hunger and the Fight. It's a musical history of the Irish people. And read our equally epic interview with the band’s founder and an avid Les Paul Custom fan, Finny McConnell
"Irish Punk is basically Irish Folk music," McConnell told Epiphone, "but played on loud electric guitars, bass and drums with the addition of traditional instruments such as accordion, tin whistle, mandolin, banjo, etc. We also do a lot of screaming. It's very high energy and basically a mash up of punk rock and Irish folk."