This week Paul McCartney re-issued his 1989 classic, Flowers In the Dirt in a newly-remastered box set that includes the original album as well as a notebook with photos of McCartney's original hand-written lyrics, a book that documents the recording, a DVD documentary, photos by Linda McCartney, plus McCartney's original demos with his songwriting partner for many of the album's tracks, Elvis Costello. The set is part of McCartney's on-going archive series.  

Flowers In the Dirt was recorded at McCartney's home studio where the surviving Beatles finished John Lennon's demo of "Free As A Bird" for The Anthology series. McCartney said that it was during his sessions with Costello that he was encouraged to record with both his Rickenbacker Beatle bass and his signature Hofner "violin" bass, which he hadn't used since the band filmed Let It Be. "I had sort of parked it. I had thought I had outgrown it. I started playing it again and never really looked back. It’s great that Elvis encouraged me to take it out.”

McCartney's demos with Costello have often been bootlegged and Costello himself remembered them fondly in his recent autobiography, Disappearing Ink.

"The demos are red hot off the skillet and that’s why we wanted to include them on this boxed set," said McCartney in a statement. "What’s great about these songs is that they’ve just been written. So there’s nothing more hot off the skillet as I say. So that was the kind of great instant thing about them. I hadn’t listened to them in ages but when I did I knew we had to put them out. We made a little tape of them and sent them to Elvis, who loved them too. We said we should put out an EP or something and now the moment’s finally arrived.” Visit the Flowers In the Dirt website for all the details.