Epi fan and proud Masterbilt Century Olympic owner Billy Bragg has just released a new series, Bridges Not Walls, featuring topical songs based on current events. Bragg has been releasing the songs on a monthly basis on his website and has now collected them as a mini-LP, which will be available on CD with exclusive postcards.

"Life comes at you real fast these days," wrote Bragg. "What’s a singer-songwriter to do when events keep challenging the way that we see the world? Before we’ve had a chance to digest one startling development, along comes another to throw us off balance again. I’ve been grubbing up songs for the past 12 months, but without the time to get an album together due to other projects, so in an effort to keep pace with these chaotic times I decided to start dropping tracks as they became ready across the summer culminating in a mini album. As always, they’re my way of trying to make some sense of what’s going on. And there's been a lot going on.”

Read our interview with Mr. Bragg from AmericanaFest 2016 and catch our exclusive video of his classic, "New England." If you're new to the Masterbilt Century Collection of acoustic/electric archtops, visit the Masterbilt Century website which includes videos by Margo Price, Black Pistol Fire, plus full color photos, specs, and more.