Congrats to Jack Antonoff of Bleachers who recently announced a new album coming this summer. The first single, “Don’t Take the Money” was released last week and features a classic 80s synth pop style recorded with the help of Vince Clarke, famed keyboardist and songwriter for Depeche Mode. "I wanted to write this song from the perspective of two incredibly complicated people who are dealing with loss and anxiety and depression," Antonoff told Rolling Stone. "You have these crazy fights, and after you go all the way to the bottom, everything is so clear." 

Antonoff’s other band, fun., is still on-hiatus but the band members remain friends and see each other regularly. At the moment, Antonoff is keeping his focus on Bleachers. He recorded the new album at home in New Jersey putting together most of the tracks at his home studio. “There's all these things I want to do. I'm happy at home. Let's make a plan here, I want to make these records. There's a number of things I feel I need to say, and a number of things I need to do. So let's not @#%@ around. Let's not take drugs. Let's not stay up too late. Let's do them."
Antonoff is usually seen on stage with the Frank Iero-designed Epiphone Wilshire Phant-o-matic. Look for more good info soon on touring plans for the Bleachers and read our classic interview with the Phant-o-matic’s creator, Frank Iero.