Brendon Small's new album, Galaktikon II Become the Storm, will be released on planet Earth on August 25 on cd, digital and vinyl and you can now pre-order the album on Brendon's website. spoke with the man behind Metalocalypse and guitar hero Skwisgaar Skwigelf about the new album and his new critically acclaimed Epiphone Ltd. Ed Brendon Small Snow Falcon Flying V Outfit. which no mortal should be without.

"I love it. I used it on this new record," Small told "I love this guitar --it sounds great, very unique. And I've been sitting with my prototype and I play it out all the time. Again, just to prove that it is equal to any other guitar I would use in my arsenal! And I have some really good guitars in my arsenal. But this Snow Falcon sits next to all those and holds it own with all the glory and power you would expect.

Here's what I've learned over 20 years of show business: no one's going to give me a job. I have to create it myself. So that's kind of my philosophy. I have to have a lot of projects and ideas all the time and I gotta start doing them. So for Galaktikon II, I wrote a lot and chose the music that I thought would tell a cool story."

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